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I'm a stubborn, chatty and nice-kind of girl, extremely happily married with a fantastic boy, fool enough to give me a tablet with a kindle app, saying it was the perfect gift, because I love reading! And it's pretty much what I've been doing since... and loving him for the perfect gift he is! I'll read all sorts of genres, as long as it moves me. From sad to fun, or fiction to non-fiction, romance to erotica, I love to be wooed by a book! So, woo me ;)

Playing for Keeps (Neighbor from Hell #1) - R.L. Mathewson Oh man... this is just funny as hell!

I read this one because I needed a laugh, and read all the reviews of people claiming they laughed their eye balls off.
I was feeling it, but underestimated it a little. It was a lot funnier than I anticipated... no, it was f****** hilarious!

Jason and Haley are 5-year-long neighbours and colleagues, both of them teachers on a private school.

Haley is shy, too good for her own good, that oftenly lets other people push her around, including Jason, although he's not even aware of it.
Jason is the traditional womanizer: the charming, easy-on-the-eye bastard that sleeps around... a lot! Despite this first introdution of his character, we quickly start to perceive him as a nice guy, actually.

Although Jason and Haley's lives are so close together, they don't mingle, ever. In fact, Haley kind of loathes him. Then suddenly something happens that brings them close, and they become friends, really good friends... and then way too good friends, if you know what I mean...

I loved the story, but it kind of dragged a little toward the end, and the amount of drama was a bit unnecessary for me. Still it remained a five star for me.

It's well written in a funny, light way. It has some great steamy moments, in spite of the comedy being the strongest portion of the story. Some loving cheesy moments as well, but it totally fits in it.
I think that Jason's obssession with food is insanely weird, but just as funny, and also loved Haley's smart mouth when she stoped being a pushover.

I completely recommend this one for the readers that are looking for a really good, easy laugh. And I sure has hell am going to read the rest of this series!