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I'm a stubborn, chatty and nice-kind of girl, extremely happily married with a fantastic boy, fool enough to give me a tablet with a kindle app, saying it was the perfect gift, because I love reading! And it's pretty much what I've been doing since... and loving him for the perfect gift he is! I'll read all sorts of genres, as long as it moves me. From sad to fun, or fiction to non-fiction, romance to erotica, I love to be wooed by a book! So, woo me ;)

"Are you for real?!"

So... last night my hubbie was watching this film, Pacific Rim, and he said:


Hubbie: "Oh... this is the guy that is playing the part in that Shades of Grey, or whatever movie".


Me: "No, it's not!"


Hubbie: "Duhh, yes it is. I'm sure".


Me: "What? Are you for real? This is Charlie Hunnam from SOA?"


Hubbie: "Yep, but now enough with the drooling" *grumpy face*


Wow... I didn't even recognize him. He looks so different, much younger.

Just imagining how he would look in a suit in tie. Count me in for that movie, and I'm not even a FSOG fan... :D